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What We Do For Businesses

Your Fantastic Plastic provides a variety of advisory and professional services to help companies of all kinds succeed in the prepaid and gift card space. Whether your interest is in go to market planning, strategic partnerships, marketing, revenue growth or understanding business fundamentals, you need current and actionable insight. We're here to help.

Merchant Partnerships
Merchant relationships are critical to prepaid and gift card initiatives when there's need for synergy one partner can't create without the other. We have deep, niche experience in negotiating with and delivering retailers for various portfolios, where we're known for achieving streamlined opt-in and market distinction. Maintaining balance in this continual cycle is complex, and many programs die when one party does not feel they are achieving a return. We focus on getting to market efficiently with a common vision and operating framework that allows all parties to succeed.
Business Development
Our clients are great at what they do but sometimes lack the time or resources to handle sales in-house. We'll act as your strategic business development arm, where we utilize leverage and agility in your specialized end-markets to gain awareness. We help increase your name recognition and exposure to create relationships that fuel business and open doors to decision-makers to close deals. Simply put, we are great at showing your value proposition. Our goal is to increase your revenue, create more customers and reduce your overhead.
From design through execution, we'll integrate your prepaid marketing to make sure it's working in tandem. With panache that's unique to your project and product knowledge that gives you an edge.
  • Branding and Design - Clever design is one of the most effective yet overlooked tools of your brand's personality. We'll make you stand out with a look that's relevant to your market.
  • Digital Marketing - Through cutting-edge website design and online marketing, we'll help you reach and talk to your constitutents, effectively and efficiently.
  • Public Relations - Every initiative has a story and we'll tell yours through well-crafted messaging and all the right media connections.
  • Social Media - No time to deal with social media? Let us handle it for you with a plan to engage your customers, prospects and partners.
  • Content Creation - Leverage our prepaid knowledge and let us create blog posts, white papers and guest articles with utility that drive prospects your way and help your customers succeed.
Go To Market Planning
No matter how compelling your idea or target market, lack of knowledge and poor execution can doom your efforts. Through an integrated process, we help drive your prepaid initiatives to success:
  • Needs Assessment and Validation - By defining category, market and customer opportunities, you'll gain a strong foundation for your business.
  • Competitive Analysis - Understanding and addressing competitive threats will keep focus on your strengths and added-value advantages.
  • Technology Alignment - Creating an integration plan for required support systems and other components will ensure alignment between all parties.
  • Vendor Selection - Not all platforms are created equal, so you need solutions specific to your needs. You'll gain this understanding along with crucial RFP documents and a process to guide contract negotiation.
  • Sales and Channel Development - You need a plan to reach and acquire customers, whether directly, through distributors or partners or a combination, including relevant messaging and partner development.
  • Regulatory and Operations - Pinpointing and planning for necessary regulatory compliance and back-end support is a necessary part of operating and growing your initiative.
  • Economics - By analyzing pricing, revenue forecasting, ROI and P/L models, you'll have financial data critical to decision making.
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